Malta Chen Taijiquan Association

The Malta Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Quan) Association was formed in 2007 with the aim of promoting the study of the Chen family Style of Taijiquan , sometimes referred to also as Chengiagou (Chen Village) Kungfu, in Malta.  What follows is a short exposition on the health and martial arts attributes of this art which is now well established in Malta and enjoys a regular and steadily increasing following.

Taijiquan (pronounced tai chi chuan) is the best known of the three traditional Chinese ?Internal? martial arts. The other two are Bagua Zhang (or Pa Kua) and Xingyi Chu?an (or Hsing yi). All three are designed to be very effective fighting systems. Taijiquan Kungfu is perhaps best known in the Western world as it has received more publicity and attention. Almost any visual feature on China has to include a short clip of middle aged or old people carrying out a ritual of slow synchronised movements in a public park. This is the image of Taiji that we in the West are most familiar with. It is not a deceptive image, but it is incomplete.

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Qigong Course for Practitioners in Malta, July 2014

Qigong and the art of long life, energy work through a mental stillness ensuring the Health and Welfare.

During the course we will study the following topics -

  • The many health benefits of Qigong
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of energy flow
  • Fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Awareness of how to direct the qi through the element of intention
  • The relationship between breath and movement
  • How correct breathing massages the organs of the body
  • Many practical exercises, including the standing exercise also referred to as tree standing or standing like a pole, the basic sequence (sometimes referred to as the ?mother sequence?, qigong for the tendons, qigong of the five animals and many other types of exercises and sequences.

The course will be held over 10 sessions with a duration of 2 hours per session, spread over three seminars. The first seminar will comprise the first four sessions will be held the weekend of 11, 12 and July 13, 2014.

The course is open to all levels and will be led by Master Gianfranco Pace, Technical Director of the International Taijiquan Kung Fu Association. At the end of the course theoretical and practical examinations will be held and certificates of competence presented to those who complete the course successfully.

For more information, please contact on the site itself, or send an email to or call +356 99457720

A copy of the course brochure can be downloaded from here

Tai Chi Benefits, Supported by Science

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

This gentle form of exercise can prevent or ease many ills of aging and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life.

Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health.

In this low-impact, slow-motion exercise, you go without pausing through a series of motions named for animal actions ? for example, "white crane spreads its wings" ? or martial arts moves, such as "box both ears." As you move, you breathe deeply and naturally, focusing your attention ? as in some kinds of meditation ? on your bodily sensations. Tai chi differs from other types of exercise in several respects. The movements are usually circular and never forced, the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, the joints are not fully extended or bent, and connective tissues are not stretched. Tai chi can be easily adapted for anyone, from the most fit to people confined to wheelchairs or recovering from surgery.

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Annual Seminar 3rd April 2014

Master Gianfranco Pace will be in Malta for a two session Qigong and Taijiquan seminar on Thursday 3rd April. The sessions for this annual seminar will be of two hours each, morning between 9,30 and 11,30 and evening between 18,30 and 20,30. It will be held at Gillieru Hotel St. Paul's Bay and will be open to all levels including beginners. Master Pace is head of the International Taijiquan KungFu Association (ITKA,, the school which the Malta Chen Taijiquan Association forms part of ( This is another opportunity to train with a great Master, as those who already attended his seminars can certainly confirm. If you would like to participate please let us know on

Saturday and Sunday Morning Classes open to all levels

Saturday and Sunday morning classes open to all levels are being held at University between 8,45 and 9,45 am.  If you would like to reserve a place or get more information contact us on or +356 99457720.

Beginners' Courses starting in November

A beginners? course in this style will start on Monday 4th November. The lessons are Mondays and Wednesdays at 1830 and last 90 minutes. We meet at University campus near the library. The courses will focus on the importance of balance, energy, coordination and relaxation.  The idea is to give a gentle introduction to all those wishing to understand the underlying concepts of Tai Chi.  If you would like to participate let us know on